School of Basic Medical Sciences¡¯£¨BMS£©origin can be traced back to the basic medical departments of Gansu College, which was set up in 1932. Having a history of more than 80 years£¬BMS has 8 provincial-level laboratories, including 2 key laboratories, 1 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center and 8 scientific research centers£¬adding to 1 discipline in doctoral specialties of BMS , 2 key disciplines in master specialties of BMS and Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, as well as 2 sub-disciplines in doctoral specialties of Genetics and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.
With 190 faculty and staff member at present, BMS has attracted and retained distinguished scholars who are committed to teaching and academic pursuits, including 35 professors, 40 associate professors,1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 elected personnel of National Ten Thousand Talents Project, 7 Cuiying professors, 3 supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents, 8 Cross-century Academic Pacesetter, 1 outstanding teacher prize winner of Baogang, 2 famous teachers at provincial level, 4 leading talents of Gansu Province, as well as 1 innovation team of the Ministry of Education of PRC, 2 teaching teams of Gansu Province and 1 teaching team of innovation and entrepreneurship education of Gansu Province.
In recent years, following the latest international medical research trends, BMC has drawn on strengths in a series of basic and transforming researches responding to national and regional strategies. In the past three years, our faculties have obtained more than 150 scientific research projects at the national, provincial and enterprise levels, of which more than 20 are major and key projects in China. Meanwhile, more than 180 SCI papers were published as the first or corresponding authors. Among them, many papers were published in some highly respected ones such as Nature Communications, JACS, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed, JAMA, BMJ, etc.