Institute of Pathology

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The research institute was originally founded in 1949, it belonged to the medical college of Lanzhou University at the beginning, then Department of Pathology was established in 1952, the Teaching and Research Section of Pathology was finally established after Lanzhou Medical College was separated from Lanzhou University in 1954, it has been reorganized as Research Institute of Pathology of School of Basic Medical Sciences of Lanzhou University since 2005.
The Research Institute of Pathology employed the diagnosis in surgical pathology and forensic pathology as early as the first in Gansu province. At present, there are 15 faculty members in our institute including one professor, four associate professors and ten lecturers. There are one doctoral supervisor and four supervisors for master’s student. Prof. Li is the institute director, and Prof. Zhang is the deputy director.
In the developing period of more than 60 years, we have tried our best at research, student training and social service. We have nurtured lots of excellent talents in pathology, acquired superior research and teaching achievements, and perfect social service reputation. We have devoted to the development of medical care and health as well as the legal system construction in Gansu.