Institute of Neuroscience

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About us
The Department of Neuroscience was founded in 2008. The first director was Yongli Yang (2008-2013) academician of the Academy Science and professor in neuroscience. The present director is Prof. Yi-Ping Hou.
Research interests are the mechanism involved in sleep-wake regulation and sleep diseases, the mechanism and neural circuits of olfaction, the mechanism of botulinum toxin in clinic application, neuropeptides physiology and pharmacology. The research projects undertaken by our department are 10 projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 1 from Ministry of Science and Technology of China (Key National S&T Program), 2 from Gansu Provincial Science and Technology department, 7 from Fundamental Research Funds for the Central University of China. We have recently published 150 articles in which are 50 articles in SCI journals. We have also harvested 6 provincial science and technology awards, 1 patent for an invitation and 1 patent for utility models.