Laboratory Center for Medical Sciences

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Laboratory Center for Medical Sciences is a sharing platform of large-scale equipments and laboratory animals which services for biomedical research and education in our university. It was built earliest in July 2001 as Laboratory Center for Medical Sciences of Lanzhou Medical College, and then was rebuilt as Laboratory Center for Medical Sciences of Lanzhou University in January 2005. In January 2008, it was merged into the newly reorganized faculty, School of Basic Medical Science. The main responsibilities and duties of Laboratory Center for Medical Sciences are the following parts:  (1) Construct, administrate, employ and maintaining of the precision instruments as well as laboratories, providing service of research platform and equipment testing for biomedical scientific work. The Laboratory Center for Medical Sciences now has equipments valued nearly 35 million and has more than 20 functional laboratories. It also has two Gansu provincial laboratories, Key Laboratory of Pre-clinical Study for New Drugs and Quality Detection Center for Laboratory Animals. Every functional laboratory provide instrument testing and experimental service for nearly hundreds of teachers and students every year, and there are dozens of teachers and graduate students work on their scientific studies or complete their degree thesis in the center. (2) Teaching of "Laboratory Animal Science" for undergraduate and graduate students majored in clinical medicine, pharmacy, preventive medicine and oral medicine, and related teaching material “Medical Laboratory Animal Science” was edited and published. (3) Teaching of "Modern Medical Experimental Instruments and Technology" for medical graduate students. (4) Teaching of  Technology of  "Cell and Molecular Biology" for medical doctoral candidates. (5) Breeding, feeding, producing and supplying of kinds of laboratory animals used for teaching and researching, and provide laboratory animals’ quality detection service for other institution. Now the Laboratory Center for Medical Sciences c breed and supply SPF(specific pathogen free) grade and clear animals, such as BALB/c, C3H, C57BL/6, DBA/2 and C3H inbred stain mice, KUNMING mice, Wistar and SD rats, rabbit, guinea pig, toads and GFP-transgenic mice. This center annually provides all kinds of animals more than 60000, and also provides animal experimental services for education and related scientific research work. In the future, the center strives to introduce and supply some special animals, such as nude mice, transgenic animals, and human disease model of genetically modified animals. Besides, the Quality Detection Center for Laboratory animals can provide service for animal quality test, including genetics, bacteriology, mycology, virology, parasitology, pathology and ecological environment. This center was awarded as Gansu Province Advanced Collectives for Laboratory Animal Science in 2005. (6) Taking part in biomedical and pharmacy research works relying on Key Laboratories of Pre-clinical Study for New Drugs of Gansu Province. Laboratory Center for Medical Sciences has assumed lots of scientific research programs from NSFC and other organizations since 2001. Three Second Class and two third prizes of Science and Technology Award in Gansu Province have been awarded. Besides, this center also enrolls and nurtures graduate students, including doctoral candidates for Genetics and master degree candidates for Biochemistry and molecular biology and Immunology.
To sum up, in the spirit of " scientific administration, outstanding feature, seeking truth and realism, and pioneering innovation", Laboratory Center for Medical Sciences will being developed as “the sharing technical research platform of biomedical study”, “the platform of laboratory animals and animal experiment”, and “the platform of new drug research and development”, which serve medical discipline construction, medical education, biomedical research, and development of medical and health undertakings.