Institute of Physiology & Medical Psychology

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Institute of Physiology
Institute of Physiology, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Lanzhou University is based on the former Department of Physiology, Lanzhou Medicinal College. The current head of Institute of Physiology is Professor Zheng Tianzhen. The Institute has 9 employees on the staff, among them are 3 Professors, 1 Associate Professors and 5 Lecturers; 3 Doctors of Science and 6 Masters of Medicine.
In 2003, Physiology courses were established as the excellent courses of Gansu Provincial. The professional degree of Physiology was one of the first mastership authorized station in the former Lanzhou Medicinal College. The Institute currently has 4 Master's Supervisors. Since its establishment the Institute was focused on fundamental research in the fields of digestive system, neuroscience, endocrinology and metqabolism.
Medical Psychology
Medical psychology is an emerging discipline. Our College has offered a medical psychology course since 1990, and then Medical Psychology Research Center of Lanzhou Medical College was established in 1993.
Ⅰ Teaching Profession:
1. Professional courses: Medical psychology, Nursing psychology, Clinical psychology, Training of college students’ behavior and social adaptation, Behavioral disorders and Psychiatry. In 2005, Medical psychology has become the sixth Leading Academic Discipline Project of Lanzhou University.
2. Professional development:
1) Applied Psychology (Medical Psychology direction) minor opened in 2002.
2) Applied Psychology (Medical Psychology direction) five-year undergraduate programs began to recruit in 2003.
3) Physiological MA (071003) was established in 2001, and its main direction is psychosomatic diseases resaerch(003).
Ⅱ Research work:
Research field: Medical psychology.
Research Contents: Psychological Consultation, Physical and Mental Diseases, Neurological Disorders, Psychological Health Education of college students, Psychological Stress, and Crisis Intervention.
Ⅲ Teaching staff:
There are 4 full-time teachers and 5 adjunct Professor. Among them:
Associate Professor Mrs Pan aiying, a master instructor, in cgarde of the resaerch center. Her research field: Psychological Health Education of College Students, Autism, and Psychosomatic Diseases. She presided over 5 research projects of the provincial and ministerial, edited 2 textbooks, wrote 30 papers, and engaged in teaching more than 30 years.
Three full-time lecturers are Qiao kun, Wang xin and Pan yuanqin, all with MA degree and medical and psychological background.
Ⅳ Social service:
1. Psychological consultation: the four eachers of the resaerch center are the part-time staff of Lanzhou University Counseling Center.
2、Psychological health lecture.
Medical psychology is increasingly catching pubic attention, our research center will continue to develop teaching at all levels, to make due contributions to society in the training of professional psychologists and improving students’ psychological health.