Institute of Evidence-Based Medicine

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Evidence-Based Medicine Center of Lanzhou University (LZU-EBMC) was founded on July 18, 2005. The Center has specially invited Ms. Li Youping the director of Chinese Cochrane / Evidence-Based Medicine Center and the professor of Sichuan University to be the chair professor, invited Dr. Zhang Zongjiu the director of Department of Medical Services Supervision of Ministry of Health to be the adjunct professor and honorary director, and invited Professor Wang Longde the former vice minister of Ministry of Health to be the director of the steering committee of the center. T his center now has 8 full-time teaching and research staff, including 1 professor and 7 assistant professors. It has 29 researchers from 1 university and 4 hospitals and institutions. Among them, there are 28 with senior titles, one post-doctor and 11 PhDs. The Center has a steering committee of 16 members.
LZU-EBMC carries out various activities including evidence-based medical research, teaching, training, practice, discipline construction, team building, personnel training, social services and others. It offers such courses as "Evidence-Based Medicine" and "Medical Information Retrieval and Utilization" for postgraduates and undergraduates majoring in medicine or related majors.
LZU-EBMC has held "Evidence-Based Medicine Undergraduate Teaching Innovation of Evidence-Based Medicine Center of Lanzhou University" Project for 6 times. About 200 undergraduate students participate and have completed 90 research projects, of which there is three "National innovation experiment program for university students", twenty "Undergraduate innovation projects supported by special funds support program for undergraduate teaching quality of Lanzhou University" and six projects in "Innovation and entrepreneurship action plan of Lanzhou University". The Center published more than 100 research papers. The evidence-based medicine innovation education for postgraduates has achieved remarkable results. The total impact factors of the papers included in SCI and written by three postgraduate students during their study are all over 10, and the impact factor of the paper published by two postgraduates in Annals of Surgery, the leading journal on surgery, reaches 8.46. 
Since its establishment, the Center has completed 6 national and provincial programs on continuing medical education, and offered 24 training classes on evidence-based medicine for the clinicians and researchers from Lanzhou University First Hospital, Lanzhou University Second Hospital, Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Gansu Province, Lanzhou Petrochemical General Hospital, People's Hospital of Zhangye Municipality and other hospitals as well as the postgraduates and undergraduates of Lanzhou University. It invites domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars to deliver lectures and has held about 30 symposiums with a total of over 4000 people participants. Besides, it holds refresher trainings for more than 20 people from our province and others. In 2008, LZU-EBMC hold the Fifth Asia-Pacific International Conference on Evidence-Based Medicine in Lanzhou, in which 12 foreign EBM experts from 7 different countries, and 600 domestic delegates attended.
  For the past 3 years, LZU-EBMC has undertaken the international cooperation project (CMB 09-944: Continuing Education Project of the Best Clinical Evidence Based on the Short Messages System for Doctors of Township Health Centers in Gansu Province: A Cluster Randomization Trial), the sub-project of national "863" project (Ministry of Science and Technology 2007AA21808-7: Clinical Trials on Nano-diagnostic Kit for Tumor Markers Detection) and 6 provincial and ministerial research projects. The Center has compiled and published 10 and participated in compiling 7 monographs, translations and textbooks. "Medical Information Retrieval" "Evidence-Based Medicine" and "Biomedical Information Retrieval and Utilization" compiled by the Center have been listed as Ministry of Health "Eleventh Five-Year" Program Textbooks, as well as book “Systematic Review Writing Handbook ” published in 2010. 
Noteworthy, in 2011, LZU-EBMC was acknowledged as the Chinese GRADE center, which is the second GRADE center in the world, and the first GRADE center in Asia. LZU-EBMC rewarded as The First Prize of Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Award in Gansu, “Evidence Based Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Diseases.”2011 ,and The First Prize of Provincial Teaching Achievement Award in Gansu, “The Exploration of Evidence Based Training of the Excellent Innovation Talents”
Since its establishment, LZU-EBMC, along with researchers in different research areas and disciplines, has formed a cross-disciplinary, cross-sectoral and cross-regional evidence-based medical research team to carry out evidence-based medical research, teaching, training, practice, discipline construction, team building, personnel training, social services and  other activities, which gives full play to the new cross-disciplinary innovation capability and core competitiveness, promotes the development of related disciplines and has become the center and base for evidence-based medical research, education, training and practice in Gansu Province and the northwest region of China.