Institute of Anatomy and Histology

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The institute of Anatomy and Histology was created in medical school of Lanzhou University in 1946.  With the foundation of Lanzhou medical college in 1954, Junsan Zeng was appointed to chief of the department of Anatomy. In 2004, Lanzhou medical school merged with Lanzhou University again. Professor Yanfeng Song as the chief of the Anatomy and Histology.
At present, the department of Anatomy and Histology has 17 teachers and 4 technicians including 3 professors, 5 associated professors and 9 lecturers and 4 technicians.
Teaching Focus:
The department responsible for the teach of Gross Anatomy, regional anatomy,Histology, Anatomy for anesthesia, Sectional Anatomy, Neuroscience, Anatomical Physiology et al.
Research Interests
Research interests in the department include:
Neuroscience, neuropathways, sleep and memory.
Ischemia, Alzheimer Disease
gap junction in ischemia,
aging, plasticity of brain,
botulinus toxin,
DNA Damage
Stem cell biology
Cancer biology